Proof Sergey Brin is Bored: Google SearchWiki with Sound

This is unbelievable.

Google recently released SearchWiki, deployed on the masses without much apparent foresight regarding usability or privacy. While some tweaks have been made, this remains an odd and surprisingly poorly-planned “feature”.

So, what have the great minds in Mountain View been doing the past few days to try to improve SearchWiki? Provide an opt-out feature for logged-in users? Make it easier to post private notes? Clean up the interface?


Instead, they’ve added sound effects and snappy graphics.


Introducing, SearchWiki with sound:

Do you like SearchWiki? Do you enjoy having the power to remove results from your search results pages? Now you can do so in style by having a sound effect play along with the animation whenever you remove a result.
And here’s the best part: the sound effect was personally recorded by Google co-founder Sergey Brin himself.

Apparently the man has nothing better to do.

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