Having IP Problems with Google? Better Accept a Cookie, and Leave your Name at the Door

I recently installed a Time Capsule in my home, and in the process must have been assigned a new IP address by my ISP. As a result, all my Google searches are being served from the German version of Google.

“Auf gut Glück!” Nein, danke.

So, how to fix this? Google provides some help, but the solutions are problematic.

First, you need to click the Google.com link on the bottom right-hand side of the foreign language Google homepage. That will take you to the US version. But to avoid having to do this each and every time you run a Google search, you must accept a Google cookie. Nein, danke.

Next, if you want to have Google fix the automatic (and in my case, erroneous) re-direct, you can submit your IP address and actual geographic location for them to investigate. Google also asks for an e-mail address, which I suppose might be helpful if they need to get more information from you about your case. However, they also require you submit your full name.

Warum benötigen sie das?


  1. This happened to me a year or so ago. Surprisingly, Goog fixed the problem pretty quickly. Another option is this is a very sophisticated ad buy from Mader’s.

  2. It’s happened to me also. I have some conflicting opinions about Time Capsule.Ease in installation and adjustment Time Capsule is marked, but at the same time confuses presence of some functions which can be not clear to “ordinary” users. However, with the majority of options by default Time Capsule quite tolerably works, at least at the decision of the general problems.

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