iConference 2013: Workshop on Information Privacy, Ethics Scholarship in Action

Next week I will be attending iConference 2013, hosted by the College of Information at the University of North Texas, and presented by the iSchools organization, a worldwide collective of 39 Information Schools. The theme of the conference is “Scholarship in Action: ”, and I will be participating in three activities in support of this important topic.

First, I’m thrilled to be invited to participate in the Special Workshop on Information Privacy, organized by Deirdre Mulligan (UC Berkeley) and Alessandro Acquisti (Carnegie Mellon University). I’ll be presenting the latest version of my conceptual investigation of the privacy concerns related to Library 2.0, drawing from a paper forthcoming in the Journal of Information Ethics.

Second, I am participating in a panel discussion on “Values Interventions: Ethics Scholarship in Action,” focusing on the Values-In-Design Council‘s work alongside the various NSF-funded projects exploring future Internet architectures. I’ll be joined by fellow VID Council members Katie Shilton, Finn Brunton, and Deirdre Mulligan. (My introductory slides are here.)

Finally, as part of my duties on the editorial advisory board of the journal Internet Research, I’ll be acting as respondent to two papers presented during a Research Development Paper Roundtable. The first is “Socio-materiality of Information Standards and Standardization: Characterizing Differences in Structure, Organization, and Affordances” by Jo Ann Brooks and David Mann, and the second paper is “Social Values in a Future Internet: Analyzing the Named Data Networking Protocols” by Katie Shilton.

See you in Fort Worth!


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