Pitt IRB Presentation: “Research Ethics in the 2.0 Era: New Challenges for Researchers and IRBs”

On Friday October 5, 2012, I will have the great pleasure of presenting my work on “Research Ethics in the 2.0 Era: New Challenges for Researchers and IRBs” for the University of Pittsburgh Institutional Review Board Educational Series.

I’ve discussed these issues in smaller disciplinary settings, as well as much larger national meetings of IRBs, but this will be my first time having detailed discussions with a university’s particular IRB community.

I’m really looking forward to it.


  1. Great times at Pitt today! It was an insightful presentation and I’m sure that I speak for all attendees when I say that we appreciated your perspective on the “Faustian bargain” of publicly available data. As promised, you brought more questions than answers… questions that that I hope we will mull over and help to answer in the long run. Personal thanks for taking the time to entertain my final question about the public/private motives of aggregating open data archives. It was an all-around great presentation and you gave us a lot to consider when approaching web-based research. Cheers!

  2. Is it possible to watch this presentation online, so people of other parts of the world can see it? I am involved in research but live in Mexico. I think many of us here could benefit. Thanks!!!

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