Special Issue of International Review of Information Ethics on “Ethics of Secrecy”

I’m pleased to announce that the special issue on the topic of Ethics of Secrecy”, that I co-edited with Daniel Nagel and Matthias Rath, has been published by the International Review of Information Ethics. Here is the table of contents, and the articles are available (open access!) here.

Vol. 17 (07/2012)

Daniel Nagel, Matthias Rath, Michael Zimmer:
Secrets About Secrecy: An Introduction

Rafael Capurro – Raquel Capurro:
Secreto, lenguaje y memoria en la sociedad de la información

Sami Coll:
The social dynamics of secrecy: Rethinking information and privacy through Georg Simmel

Meg Leta Ambrose:
You Are What Google Says You Are: The Right to be Forgotten and Information Stewardship

Juliet Lodge:
The promise of ethical secrecy: can curiosity overcome automated groupthink?

Edward H. Spence:
Government Secrecy, the Ethics of Wikileaks, and the Fifth Estate

Kenneth C. Werbin:
Auto-biography: On the Immanent Commodification of Personal Information

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