A2K4 Workshop on “Identifying Challenges and Opportunities for an African Information Ethics”

This weekend I’m attending the 4th Access to Knowledge conference, A2K4: Access to Knowledge and Human Rights, hosted by the Yale Information Society Project (see my original post on the conference here).

With the help of the UW-Milwaukee School of Information Studies, I organized a workshop on “Identifying Challenges and Opportunities for an African Information Ethics”, featuring Johannes Britz (School of Information Studies, UW-Milwaukee), Rafael Capurro (International Center for Information Ethics, and School of Information Studies, UW-Milwaukee) and Dennis Ocholla (University of Zululand), along with a very engaged group of conference participants.

The workshop provided us the opportunity to explain our project on engaging information ethics within the African context, outline some of our ongoing efforts, and describe some of the challenges ahead. The audience pushed our thinking and provided new and excellent insights to help us achieve our vision.

The workshop was diligently live-blogged here, I’ve isolated some relevant tweets here, and I’ve pasted my introductory slides below.

I hope to have more news regarding this initiative (future conferences, grants, etc)  in the coming months.

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