Call for Panelists: On the Philosophy of Facebook (AoIR 2010, Gothenburg)

Following our successful hosting of Internet Research 10.0 – Internet: Critical, the 10th annual conference of the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR), the 11th annual AoIR conference has been announced:

Internet Research 11.0 – Sustainability, Participation, Action
October 21-23, 2010
University of Gothenburg/Chalmers University of Technology
Gothenburg, Sweden

The full call for papers is here.

I am proposing a panel for IR.11 titled “On the Philosophy of Facebook“. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has built his social networking empire on the belief that “information wants to be shared“, a particular philosophy of information that directly impacts the values built into the design of Facebook, ranging from its user interface, privacy policies, terms of service, and method of governance. This panel will explore the philosophy of Facebook and its broader implications for norms of privacy, identity, governance, sociability, and online life generally.

Ideal papers will provide philosophical, conceptual, and/or critical insights into Facebook and social networking generally.

If interested in joining this panel, please email me a 250-500 word abstract, and a brief biography, by February 13.

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