Fall 2009 Semester Begins

This week marks the start of the Fall 2009 semester for students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I will again be teaching two classes within the undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Information Resources program in the School of Information Studies:

L&I SCI 110: Introduction to Information Science (syllabus)

This course introduces basic issues in information science and information studies, including the nature of information, information services, information professions, information policy, information ethics, and the complex relationships between information technologies and society.


  • Combine theory and everyday examples to provide a broad-based introduction to the field of information science and information studies.
  • Connect current information-based institutions and technologies to their historical roots and with their cultural, political, and economic settings.
  • Investigate the impact of the development of technology on access to and use of information and the changes that this development causes in the structure and operation of society.

Primary textbook:

L&I SCI 120: Information Technology Ethics (syllabus)

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the current ethical issues in information and communication technology (ICT) use. It examines an array of long-standing and emerging issues facing ICT users, ranging from free speech, privacy, intellectual property, hacking and the digital divide, to ethics in social networking, online communities, and online gaming. The course will discuss the ethical responsibilities of IT professionals, and promote the critical examination and responsible use of ICT.


  • To review major ethical theories as they pertain to information and communication technologies
  • To explore current issues in ICT policy and the ethical dilemmas that arise in light of them
  • To engage with fellow students in a learning environment centered on ethics and ethical decision making
  • To investigate students’ ethical responsibilities as members of an ICT-based ecosystem

Primary textbook:

Other events taking place this semester include:

And, I’ll have a more personal announcement to make sometime in mid-November. It will be a busy fall…

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