OneWebDay 2009 – Milwaukee

Building on last year’s success, I’m pleased to announce Milwaukee’s 2009 OneWebDay events:

On Monday, September 21 (7:00pm, UWM Union Theater),  UW-Milwaukee’s Center for Information Policy Research and School of Information Studies is hosting a free screening of the Girl Talk-produced documentary Good Copy/Bad Copy. The film (featuring appearances by Girl Talk, Danger Mouse, and Lawrence Lessig) examines the state of copyright in today’s tech-savvy and dynamic remix culture. The film also features music by RJD2, Santogold, Girl Talk, Danger Mouse, Gnarls Barkley, De La Soul, and more.

The event will also feature a panel discussion and commentary by:

  • David Bollier – Independent policy strategist, journalist, activist and consultant whose work focuses on reclaiming the commons, the effects of digital technology on democratic culture, and fighting the excesses of intellectual property law.
  • Brad Lichtenstein – Award-winning documentary filmmaker, president of 371 Productions, and currently producing “What We Got: DJ Spooky’s Quest for the Commons”.
  • Nancy Kranich – A former President of the American Library Association, Nancy focuses on the role of libraries in democracies by undertaking advocacy, civic engagement, and information literacy projects. A champion of the public’s information rights, she has spoken out against censorship, privatization, and other attempts to limit public access to vital information.

On Tuesday, September 22 (1:00pm, UWM Union, room 191), David Bollier, Brad Lichtenstein, and Nancy Kranich will reconvene for a panel discussion on “Copyright, Commons and the Struggle to Control Culture”.

Feel free to download and distribute our fliers for the film screening and the panel discussion. Please join us!


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