Libraries: The Original Google Project

Hannah Yale, and art student here at UW-Milwaukee, has created an amazing gurellia art project, in collaboration with the UWM Library, called “The Original Google Project.” Here’s the description from its Facebook page:

This project was designed as a collaboration with the UWM Library as an awareness effort for the use of library resources over questionable and unreliable internet sources. The project was inspired by my own research during which I stumbled (as I always do) upon someone trying to get their homework done on

I just felt like screaming “Go to the damn library!”. Of course that was impossible, but soon after this project was presented to us and I jumped on the change to make my statement.

As the daughter of a librarian and a circulation desk worker myself, I am flabbergasted by the lack of use of a library for projects as obvious as research papers. Seniors proudly walk up to the desk and announce they’re graduating in a month and this is the first book they ever checked out. Freshman shyly approach saying they don’t even know how a library works.

In a society where jobs are scarce and education standards are continually growing, I challenge my generation to step up to the plate and make the most of their degree. After all, you are paying for this excellent resource whether you are using it or not…

This is/was a collaboration project with full time staff at the Golda Meir Library of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Complete lists of all the slogans are located in the discussions page, as images of the posters are located in photos.

I invite any comments and suggestions about the project to be posted in discussions, on the wall, whatever, so feel free to do so!

Below the fold are some of the fabulous graphics Ms. Yale is pasting around campus as I type.

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