Follow the Library 2.0 Symposium at Yale Law School

I’m attending the Library 2.0 Symposium organized by the Information Society Project at Yale Law School. We’re only an hour into the agenda, and it has already been an incredibly provocative and enlightening event.

You can follow the Twitter stream at #Lib20, and the ISP is liveblogging here.

The remarks I gave on the Ethics and Politics of Library 2.0 panel can be downloaded in PDF form: Library 2.0, Access to Knowledge and Patron Privacy: Avoiding a Faustian Bargain.

Update: The video for this panel has now been posted to YouTube.

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  1. Are you interested in publishing a version of this with Progressive Librarian? I’m one of the editors, and I think this would have a very receptive audience (we’re Creative Commons – so no snarky copyright rules…)


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