Information Society Series: An Interdisciplinary Book Series on Technology, Law, and Society

I’m delighted to announce the launch of a new book series I am co-editing with Laura DeNardis, Ph.D, the Executive Director of the Yale Information Society Project:

MITPress-Logo-201x300Information Society Series: An Interdisciplinary Series on Technology, Law, and Society
Series Editors, Laura DeNardis and Michael Zimmer
MIT Press

The Information Society Series publishes original scholarship addressing the social, legal, and political implications of the Internet and new information and communication technologies. The series features empirical and scholarly research from the growing global ranks of interdisciplinary scholars in fields of inquiry such as information studies; communication and media studies; science, technology, and society; and law, technology, and culture.

Publications address contemporary issues and controversies in global information and communication technologies and uncovers the values and interests at stake in the design, implementation, and usage of these technologies. Series publications are grounded in scholarly and empirical inquiry and have a strong normative overlay, seeking to advance new ideas and solutions to global problems in technology and society. Series authors address challenging topics at the intersection of information technology and culture such as privacy, freedom of expression, reputation, knowledge production, accessibility, Internet governance, equality, and identity.

IMG_4182We are accepting book proposals for the series. Preference will be given to monographs rather than edited volumes and books that are interdisciplinary, normative, and global in scope. Book proposals should include:

  1. a prospectus (brief description, outstanding features and uniqueness of work, audience and market considerations, status of book, and recommended reviewers);
  2. a detailed table of contents;
  3. sample chapters; and
  4. the author’s curriculum vitae.

Please submit completed proposals to and

Current books in the Information Society Series include:


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