What Happened to the Facebook Application “Privacy”?

Sometime last year, I discovered a Facebook application named “Privacy” that provided insight into the personal information any application can access when a user adds one to their Facebook profile. The application prodded users to be concerned about how much personal information is flowing across Facebook’s application infrastructure:

  • Aware of what private information you expose when using applications in Facebook?
  • Did you know that applications your friends use might also see some of your private information?
  • With less than 30 applications in the Application Directory developed by Facebook how much of your information is available to third parties?
  • Like to see what some of this information is?

I pointed Facebook users to this helpful application on my “How to Adjust your Facebook Privacy Settings” page, and others blogged about it as well.

But now, it appears to have vanished.

The application is no longer listed among my other FB apps, it isn’t found by searching among applications, and if you try the original link (http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/apps/application.php?id=7821273305), you’re simply redirected to the Facebook homepage.

Does anyone know what happened?

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