Announcing IR.10 Internet:Critical (Milwaukee – 2009)

The 10th annual conference of the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR) will take place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from October 7-11, 2009. The conference theme will be “Internet:Critical“, providing a space for interdisciplinary researchers to reflect on, describe, interrogate, challenge, and stake new claims to various critical Internet issues, including:

critical moments, elements, practices
critical theories, methods, constructs
critical voices, histories, texts
critical networks, junctures, spaces
critical technologies, artifacts, failures
critical ethics, interventions, alternatives

The program chair is Susanna Paasonen, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies. The local organizing committee is comprised of Elizabeth Buchanan, UW-Milwaukee, Michael Zimmer, UW-Milwaukee, and Steve Jones, UI-Chicago.

The hosting institutions include the School of Information Studies (UW-Milwaukee), the Center for Information Policy Research (UW-Milwaukee), and the Department of Communication Studies at UI-Chicago).

More details to come…we hope to see you next year in Milwaukee!

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