CEPE 2009: Eighth International Conference of Computer Ethics Philosophical Enquiry

The call for papers for the 8th International Conference of Computer Ethics Philosophical Enquiry, to be held June 27-29, 2009 in Corfu, Greece, has been posted:

CEPE2009 welcomes high quality paper and panel proposals in all areas of computer/IT ethics.  This includes, but is not limited to, ethical issues relating to:

  • Online communities, the virtual and the “real”
  • Privacy, data protection, RFID, surveillance, CCTV,  spam, phishing, and spyware
  • Global computing and intercultural information ethics
  • Information access, search engines, and the digital divide
  • Democracy and the internet; computing technology and natural disasters
  • Virtuality, simulation and reproduction
  • Computing, identity and difference: gender, ethnicity, race, religion
  • open source; virtual ownership; intellectual property & copyright
  • Emerging technologies, such as nanotechnology, supercomputing, Internet2, robotics,  biomedicine, bioinformatics and bioengineering
  • New military, security and law enforcement applications of IT
  • New developments in artificial intelligence, artificial agents, embedded systems and artificial life.
  • Library ethics and intellectual freedom
  • Digital libraries and access to information
  • Digital copyright, open access and libraries

We particularly welcome papers from applied ethics fields other than computer ethics that focus on any of the above areas, as well as papers from computer science professionals who combine their state-of-the-art knowledge of IT with ethical analysis.

Papers will be accepted on the basis of a submitted abstract, which will be refereed.
An abstract must be between 1200 and 1400 words in length (references included) and submitted via email as embedded plain text or an attachment in RTF or WORD or PDF format.

Abstracts must be submitted no later than 10 November 2008. Authors will be informed of the decision of the referees by 30 January 2009.  Full papers must be submitted by 29 April 2009.

Panel Proposals: We will also accept proposals for panel discussions, also to be submitted by 10 November 2008.  Panel proposals must include a statement of the general topic and an overview of the specific questions or issues to be addressed.  In addition, the proposal should include a list of the panelists involved, their expertise in this area, and whether they have indicated that they are willing to participate.

Please use the Panel Proposal Form that will soon be available on the CEPE2009 website.

CEPE continues to be one of my favorite conferences…

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