Exciting Developments at Creative Commons

Creative Commons recently celebrated its fifth birthday, and Larry Lessig announced some exciting developments (borrowing from his post):

  1. Current TV will start integrating CC licenses into their citizen created content system.
  2. CC0: CC will be releasing a beta protocol to support a new tool, “CC0.” CC0 will enable two things: (1) a simple, machine readable way to mark work with either a waiver of rights, or an assertion that no rights attach to a particular work, and (2) a simple way to sign that waiver/assertion. The protocol is intended to support use cases where the desire is that no rights attach to some work. E.g., databases in Europe (where the database rights muck up research), or material in the open education movement. Simultaneously with the announcement, Science Commons released its “Open Access Data Protocol,” which implements CC0 to support freeing data.
  3. Legal Commons (beta): Creative Commons will enter into a joint venture with public.resource.org to collect and make available machine readable copies of government documents and law. The effort will help gather and make available the resources provided by Cornell’s LII, or Columbia’s Altlaw.org systems. Lessig says “look for a tarball of all federal cases by the end of 2008, in parsable and usable plain text.”
  4. CC+: This protocol enables a simple click through ability to get rights or permissions beyond those provided by a CC license. So, e.g., a Flickr photo licensed under a BY-NC license could have a simple click through to some agent to provide commercial rights for that photo.
  5. Yahoo announced it was baking CC+ “into the system” of Yahoo, making it possible for any Yahoo service to offer content using the CC+ infrastructure.
  6. The Annual Campaign, this year with a $500,000 target, has exceeded its target by almost $40,000. This includes $50,000 contributions from Sun and Microsoft, and a $20,000 contribution from Tim O’Reilly.
  7. [5×5] Challenge: After Hewlett issued a challenge to find 5 funders to promise 5 years of support at $500,000 a year, CC announced pledges to match the commitment: The Hewlett Foundation, Omidyar Network, an (so far) anonymous European trust, Google/Mozilla/Red Hat (3-1-1), and CC’s own board which promised to personally commit to either raise or contribute $500k/year.

Exciting stuff.

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