Google, Privacy International, and Data Retention

I’ve been on vacation the past week, and am now in attendance at the Surveillance Seminar run by David Lyon at Queens University, so I’ve been offline a bit and out of touch of many recent important events regarding Google and privacy. Luckily, my father is watching out for me, and sent me links to the latest hot issue regarding Google and data privacy: Privacy International’s scathing report “A Race to the Bottom,” and Google’s recent announcement that they will now only retain user search data for 18 months.

These events are clearly central to my research, and I should be all over this, but I’m afraid I simply don’t have the time immediately to fully process and properly respond to them. I will soon, I promise.

If you want to review others’ thoughts (both positive and negative), here are some links (in no particular order): Danny Sullivan, Shelley Powers, Matt Cutts, Donna Bogatin, Robert Scoble.

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