Recovering…in Vancouver

Blogging has been light again lately as I’ve been recovering from my extended European tour (which included a terrible cold mid-way through, unhelped by Europe’s restrictions on cold medication available over-the-counter). Here’s a quick summary:

After 4 weeks in Europe (the last 5 days spent with my wife touring Amsterdam and The Hague), I was ready to return to Brooklyn. But the homecoming was short: 3 days after returning home I hopped on another plane to come to the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) annual meeting in Vancouver. I arrived today, and already have listened to some excellent talks on the intersection of STS and surveillance studies, as well as Nancy Van House on the the social uses of photography, and how these relate to the emerging uses of networked, digital imaging technology (which is closely related to my interests in peer-to-peer surveillance in Web 2.0 infrastructures).

Tomorrow morning I’m taking part in a dual-panel discussion on STS interventions into scientific and technical practice. Should be a great conference.

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