More (disturbing) AOL profiles

Declan McCullagh at CNet has posted many more, often disturbing, profiles of users gleaned from the AOL search data leak. Examples include:

Based on the number of local searches, AOL user 1515830 appears to be a resident of [personal information removed]. On March 1, user 1515830 was trying to find the amount of calories in chai tea and bananas. But on March 9, the searches took a darker turn:
chai tea calories
calories in bananas
aftermath of incest
how to tell your family you’re a victim of incest
pottery barn
surgical help for depression
oakland raiders comforter set
can you adopt after a suicide attempt
who is not allowed to adopt
i hate men
medication to enhance female desire
jobs in denver colorado
teaching positions in
[personal information removed]
how long will the swelling last after my tummy tuck
divorce laws in ohio
free remote keyloggers
baked macaroni and cheese with sour cream
how to deal with anger
teaching jobs with the denver school system
marriage counseling tips
anti psychotic drugs

Whoever wrote that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned had clearly never experienced the Internet. For a three-month period, AOL user 2708, apparently a resident of [personal information removed], was searching for little else. Her search terms suggest that she signed up her ex-boyfriend for Columbia House CDs, articles on “gay life,” and Christian literature–while shopping for women’s Harley Davidson boots. User 2708’s ex apparently lives in [personal information removed]:
revenge tactics
the woman’s book of revenge
dirty tricks for chicks
voice changer
how to humiliate someone
bill me pay later for cd’s
scams to play on people
how to get revenge on an old lover
i hate my ex boyfriend
how to really make someone hurt for the pain they caused to someone else
columbia house
advice from women who have seeked revenge on old lovers
how to say goodbye hurtfully
how to report child neglect in the state of new hampshire
free articles on gay life that can be mailed to me
free christian things
free gay magazines
free angry stuff to send to an ex lover
how to permanently delete information from your hard drive
women’s harley davidson boots
the worst thing to send someone via email
thong dancewear
what can i do to an old lover for revenge
mean revenge tactics
death records in
[personal information removed]

[Update: removed some personally identifiable information from the examples]

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