More Amateur Surveillance: License Plate Scanning

We’ve seem to have recently turned a corner where advanced surveillance & data mining technologies are now increasingly marketed to everyday people. Wired News reports on a new vehicle license plate scanning and tracking that is being pitched to more than just law enforcement needs:

Bucholz, who designed some of the first mobile license plate reading, or LPR, equipment, gave a presentation at the 2006 National Institute of Justice conference here last week laying out a vision of the future in which LPR does everything from helping insurance companies find missing cars to letting retail chains chart customer migrations. It could also let a nosy citizen with enough cash find out if the mayor is having an affair, he says.

Not only are we becoming normalized to state surveillance of our everyday activities, we are being encouraged to surveil one another with these tools. Unbelievable.
[via Concurring Opinions]

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