San Francisco Investigates AT&T, but what about Google?

The City of San Francisco is investigating AT&T’s alleged cooperation with the NSA wiretapping and considering possible “consequences” the company could face in its extensive municipal contracts if it is found violating the civil liberties of the city’s citizens.

Meanwhile, the City seems more comfortable with Google’s planned wi-fi network which would create an infrastructure enabling the tracking of its users to within 100-200 feet of their location. Does the City of San Francisco include its citizens’ locational privacy among the civil liberties to be protected from both government and corporate surveillance?


  1. The Big companies need to understand their responsibility especially Google when it comes to Privacy, google’s Video ( service that have lot of private videos uploaded by people who use to take others videos, How they did it accidently or otherwise seems doesn’t matter to Google…Google should be concerned about it, if Google is one of the signatories of Consumer Privacy Legislative Forum…..Google’s attempt to track the users is one dare to break the legal barriers.

  2. …Enough what one should yell when such things happen it definitely challenge the Concerned internet bodies why they aren’t much concerned about the common audience of internet, information degradation. After google came into the picture of Web it gave brth to lot of Vunerabilities.Google Earth, Google Video are one Example

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