Create Your Own False Identity

Lifehacker links to a useful tool for obfuscating personal data entered in (non-vital) registration forms online, the False Identity Generator:

The False Identity Generator is a simple, web-based tool that generates a random first and last name, a valid city, state, and zip code with matching telephone number, and a few other identity details often required for online registrations.

For anyone who’s ever filled out an online registration with fake info (that is, when BugMeNot doesn’t have you covered), there are those picky websites that require you to give them somewhat valid information. The False Identity Generator looks like a simple way to start up your own fake, yet relatively valid, online identity.

If you visit this link, amazingly convincing false profiles are generated, such as this:

Myron S. Kaniewski
782 Cedar Street
Berkeley, CA 94704

Phone: 510-981-9743
Mother’s maiden name: Trinidad
Birthday: June 15, 1959


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