PA Bill Seeks to Inform Drivers of Black Box in Vehicles

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has a story about a new bill in the Pennsylvania legislature (Senate Bill 1050) that would require car dealers to tell buyers about the existence of automible black boxes and give the car owner greater control over release of the data on the recorder in case of an accident:

It has two main provisions: A car buyer would have to be notified by the dealer, at the time of purchase, that there is an EDR in the vehicle. Also, the owner’s manual for the new vehicle would have to list an EDR as part of the equipment and state what it records.

Mr. Stout said the bill would also make it clear that the owner of a car has the authority to either release — or not release — the information contained on the black box.

If the lawyer for another driver involved in an accident wanted to get that information, the lawyer would have to ask a judge for a court order to release it.

[via Privacy Digest]

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