NYC24 Issue on Privacy

The Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University publishes a biweekly news magazine called NYC24. The current issue is on privacy:

With 8 million people crammed into 321 square miles, privacy in New York City has always been a rare – and much valued – commodity. Now this basic right is being constricted by the onslaught of 21st Century technology. Faster, lighter, smaller and cheaper equipment have made it simple for even the most average Joe to access private information.

Electronic chips smaller than a dime that track your movements without your knowledge, Web sites that put a price on your personal information and surveillance cameras on almost every corner – is “Big Brother” watching New York City? In this edition of nyc24 we explore this possible reality and present the new developments- from cyber stalking to patients’ rights- that are redefining the issue of privacy.

Included in the issue is an article on cellphone cameras, and how they “blur the separation between private and public.” The article includes commentary by Columbia Law professor Tim Wu, as well as an interview with me. Portions of my interview can be heard here.

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