Podcast discussing my work

We’re lucky to have Anders Albrechtslund visiting the Dept of Culture & Communication for the next week. Anders is a PhD student in the Department of Communication at Aalborg University in Denmark, where he is engaged in research on surveillance studies, computer ethics and philosophy of technology. Anders and I met at CEPE last summer, where he delivered an excellent paper on “The postmodern panopticon: Surveillance and privacy in the age of ubiquitous computing.”

We sat down today for a chat, and Anders was kind enough to record a podcast for his department’s E-Learning Lab website. The podcast can be found here, and lasts about 10 minutes. In it, we discuss my research on how the design of networked vehicle information infrastructures and web search engines impact the privacy of one’s personal information, as well as the theory of privacy as contextual integrity.


  1. Thanks to both you and Anders for doing the Podcast, so I could publish at our page – it was very interesting to hear and also brought me to your webpage here, which I have of course subscribed to now šŸ˜€

    Most of the Podcasts will be in Danish, but we hope to also do some interviews and discussions in English – but thank you very much for lending yourself to the discussion with Anders – your research seems both very interesting and also very needed!

    Thomas Ryberg

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