CFP2006: Life, Liberty and Digital Rights

The website for the the Sixteenth Conference on Computers, Freedom and Privacy has been launched. The theme for this year’s CFP is Life, Liberty and Digital Rights. From the page:

Now, more than ever, the lines of technology, freedom, and privacy are colliding. Governments continue their surveillance of citizens in the name of security, huge databases of information on every aspect of individuals’ lives are created, and debates are underway about controlling content. Yet, while technology is at the epicenter of these profound developments, technology also has the potential to advance the civil society.

With the US Capitol as a backdrop, CFP2006 in Washington,DC will explore our collective future as technology collides with LIFE, LIBERTY, & DIGITAL RIGHTS. CFP2006 will explore issues that impact us all, wherever we are, around the world.

Important sessions include:

  • I Spy with My Big Eye: Government Surveillance
  • Is 2006 the Year for a Comprehensive Federal Privacy Law?
  • Google Print, Copyright, and the Future of Indexing and Search
  • The China Syndrome: Internet Censorship in China
  • RFID
  • Third Party Database Issues
  • The Future of Digital Rights Management
  • Fair Use
  • Wiretapping
  • Social Networks: A Little Too Friendly?
  • Pseudonymity and the Internet

This year’s conference is in Washington, DC. You can register here (student rates available).

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