Experimenting with a “StatCounter” counter on michaelzimmer.org

To get a better sense of how michaelzimmer.org is being utilized, I have decided to experiment with a StatCounter counter.

This was a difficult decision, being that StatCounter utilizes web cookies to help provide information about what IP addresses access this site and how. I’ve tried to address this concern in the official Privacy Policy for michaelzimmer.org:

michaelzimmer.org strongly believes that you have the right to control the use of your personal information, and that your privacy must be respected.

michaelzimmer.org collects no personally identifiable information, but it does utilize StatCounter.com [privacy policy] to help measure & optimize usage of the site. The Statcounter service makes use of cookies to help determine things like (1) whether you are a new or returning visitor, (2) what web sites or search engines have been used to navigate to michaelzimmer.org, (3) the IP address of visitors, and (4) other information about your computer (resoultion, operating system, etc.) to help optimize the site’s performance. Such data is used only to get a general idea of the make-up of our visitors, and will not be stored, sold, aggregated or mined. [Lean how to block cookies here.]

If you choose to participate in this blog by posting a comment to entries, you can decide whether or not you wish to leave information that could identify you to us and to others who access this site. If you choose to leave identifying information, it is collected and stored for the purpose of recognizing your contribution and enabling others to contact you directly.

Personal information that you provide to michaelzimmer.org will be used only for the purposes you have authorized. michaelzimmer.org does not sell, rent or lease personal data. We do not purchase or otherwise obtain data from other sources.

Any subpoena or attempts by government agencies or private sector organizations to gain access to any information that you give us will be vigorously challenged to the best of our abilities.

I will quite understand if you decline to allow our cookies on your machine. I have read StatCounter’s privacy policy statement, and am comfortable with their assurances that they will not pass stats data to any third party, and with their anti-SPAM policy. My StatCounter account information is password protected, and I add my assurance that I will take such steps as I am able to ensure that it stays confidential (I have declined the option to allow others to access the stats data for michaelzimmer.org).

If I become concerned that too much identifiable data is being stored in the stats logs, I will take such steps as I can to reduce and/or dispose of it. If I get substantial feedback from you about data privacy concerns in this regard, I will consider cancelling my use of the StatCounter service.

I hope you find this acceptable; please let me know if you have any comments, questions or protests!

-michael zimmer

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