ChoicePoint to Allow People Access, but Questions Remain

The AP is reporting that ChoicePoint will allow consumers to access and review their personal information on file with the data aggregation company.

“You will receive the reports that we have on you,” Don McGuffey, the firm’s vice president for data acquisition, told the state’s Senate’s Banking, Finance and Insurance Committee on Wednesday.

This is a promising step in addressing the many problems related to the ChoicePoint fiasco, but many questions remain:

  1. Will I need to pay for reviewing my record?
  2. How often can I view my record?
  3. Will all information possessed by ChoicePoint about me be disclosed?
  4. Will I be able to see who has accessed/purchased my record?
  5. What mechanisms will be in place for me to be able to correct my record?
  6. Can I opt to have some information removed from my record?

Such questions need to be addressed to make such a move by ChoicePoint toward transparency more meaningful.

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