The ChoicePoint Data Security Breach: What It Means for You, and How to Find Out What ChoicePoint Knows about You

In the aftermath of the ChoicePoint security breach(here and here), the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse has produced a lengthy page on what the incident means to you and what data aggregators like ChoicePoint may have on you:

Many consumers who contact the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (PRC) wonder how data aggregators like ChoicePoint get their personal information and what they have on file about them. ChoicePoint compiles data from many sources including public records (court records, property tax assessor files, professional licenses, vehicle registration, bankruptcy records, and so on), along with credit reports, and consumer demographic and lifestyle data. Many consumers are aware of their credit report, but most probably do not know that ChoicePoint offers other types of consumer reports – employment background checks, tenant rental history, and insurance claims.

In fact, consumers nationwide can get a free copy of these reports maintained by ChoicePoint if a prospective employer, landlord or insurer used ChoicePoint’s services for screening purposes. So, if you are wondering what kind of information ChoicePoint has about you, now’s a good opportunity to find out.

If ChoicePoint has compiled one of these reports about you, you can get a free copy:

They have much more information on their site, and I encourage everyone to find out what ChoicePoint has on them – I will.
[via Privacy Digest]

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