EFF Asks How Government Is Watching The Internet

It’s been reported that the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed a FOIA request with the FBI and other offices of the US DOJ regarding expanded powers granted by the USA PATRIOT Act. The EFF is making the request in an attempt to find out whether or not Section 216 is being used to monitor web browsing without a warrant. The DOJ has already stated they can collect email and IP addresses, but has not been forthcoming on the subject of URL addresses. It seems the EFF is seeking any documentation to confirm such activity is taking place:

“It’s been over three years since the USA PATRIOT Act was passed, and the DOJ still hasn’t answered the public’s simple question: ‘Can you see what we’re reading on the Web without probable cause?'” said Kevin Bankston, EFF Staff Attorney and Bruce J. Ennis Equal Justice Works Fellow. “Much of PATRIOT is coming up for review this year, but we can never have a full and informed debate of the issues when the DOJ won’t explain how it has been using these new surveillance powers.”

Update: See the EFF’s media release, and the subsequent Slashdot discussion.

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